You may think that my only role is to produce hormones that regulate blood sugar but I also produce digestive juices and enzymes. I allow you to adapt to both what you eat and
how often you eat because of this.
I am also closely connected to the solar plexus chakra and therefore your issues around your ability to receive abundance in your lives. Your ability to adapt your digesti
on to whatever you eat in order to extract maximum nutrition cannot be separated from your ability to think of ways to adapt to your circumstances in life – to take the lemons life gives you and make lemonade.
When the
pancreas is weak, your thinking becomes unproductive worry and anxiety. You may then attempt to fill this lack with compulsive overeating.

When I am out of balance you may also have some of the following issues:

You may be having difficulties in integrating and expressing love. You may not believe you deserve love, and that “Love is a poison apple.”
You may have a lot of guilt and feelings of lack of value, low self esteem. It all developed out of a severe worth-anxiety process that arose from intensely ambivalent acceptance rejection
reactions from you family.

You may have an angry sourness and bitterness about life, with a feeling that life has lost its sweetness. You may have the experience that your quality of life is out of control, and that “life sucks.”
There is a frustrated desire to acquire goods and friendships, along with a sense of your goals and plans being disrupted. As you
experience it, there is no joy, fun, caring and sharing in your life, and you have lost touch with the enjoyment of life.
You may feel you can’t create anything worthwhile for yourself. You may be harboring a good deal of anger and resentment
about all this, and you may be intensely judgmental and rejecting of everything and everyone.
You may feel totally rejected by the Universe.
You may be the product of a severely dysfunctional family system in which you were the “responsible one” who had to sacrifice
you joy to the altar of disaster-deflection.

You may be highly egocentric and egotistical in your functioning. You may be engaged in overindulgence and/or o f self-indulgence, emotional excess, negative self-expression and/or violence.
Your underlying attitude may be that the world owes you a living, a loving and a lavish, and you feel betrayed when it doesn’t come through for you.
You may come from an intensely self-immersed and selfish family who could care less about ecological impact or contribution. It generated a compulsive worth-proof-needing, in the form of a constant input of positive and sweet experiences, along with a simultaneous continuation of the family culture.


In BodyTalk we don't diagnose, we don't make the assumption that we know how to treat an issue, we ask the Innate Wisdom of the body, the Individual part of the all pervasive Consciousness to lead us to what we need to address and in what way.
This said, these are just a few of the hundreds possibilities of the causes and the links that your Innate Wisdom (IW as an abbreviation) may choose to treat an issue with the pancreas, in the context of a wider and more complex session:

You may feel that life is bitter, it's not sweet anymore, in this case one of the possible things that your IW may choose to do is address with a technique called Active Memory the traumas and experiences and/or beliefs that caused you to feel this way.

The excess emotion of sadness and/or grief may also be a cause and in this case your IW may direct the practitioner to use a technique called BodyGenics to remove the excess emotional energy from the pancreas or other parts of the body

There can be a person or a situation in your life that made you feel that life is bitter, and that may be treated with a technique called General Environment to stop the energy of the situation or the person from negatively affecting your pancreas

There may be a virus or a bacteria involved or a toxin that you inhaled or ingested, and that is impacting your pancreas. In this case in BodyTalk the IW may be directed to a technique called Body Chemistry to get rid of the virus, bacteria or toxin in the most effective and fast manner

You may have issues with your Solar Plexus Chakra. In this case the chakra may not be communicating well with other energetic and/or physical parts of the body and links and connection must be made, or the Solar Plexus Chakra's energy may have become scattered and may lack integrity like in a fragmented hard disk. In this case an advanced technique called CDRRII may be used to restore the proper functioning of the chakra.

These are just a few of the hundreds of causes of your issues and the way they can be addressed with BodyTalk.
Every issue, every person and every session is unique and BodyTalk offers unique and fully personalized solutions tailored to your issue and its causes. There is no "one solutions fits all" and that is the beauty and elegance and real holistic nature of BodyTalk that is usually not found in most other therapies

You are an unique individual with an equally unique story that needs to be understood and addressed to heal and thrive.
In BodyTalk we respect and honor your story and that is at the basis of our philosophy and our sessions.
Although the causes and solutions above can give an idea of what can happen in a session we don't have a "one size fits all" treatment and we don't make assumptions on how one issue should be treated.
In a session I ask the deeper part of you that knows best what to do to come back to health and balance,I ask your Innate Wisdom what needs to be brought up to conscious awareness to be treated

Have a personalized treatment today, experience personalized consciousness based whole healthcare. Contact me on Skype (anto75uk) for a Free Chat on your issues and discover how BodyTalk can help you!


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