I am the Liver
My main job is to synthesize many of the nutrients essential for life from the simple micronutrients absorbed from your intestines. I must also manage your blood sugar and store reserves to meet your future needs.

On a psychological level, I am responsible for your ability to process your life, synthesize wisdom from your experiences, organize your life, and plan your day. So when I am not functioning properly, your life and environment can become very disorganized and you may experience more anger than usual.
You will have trouble making plans and moving towards your goals as in Chinese Medicine I am also associated with evolving in wisdom and courage

When I am off balance you could also have the following issues:

The Higher Self manifestation has been thrown off balance by some sort of severe setback or by a catastrophic loss or event. You could therefore lack good sense, sanity, equilibrium and “normalcy” at the moment. You could also be having difficulties with discrimination, faith and capacity for spiritual knowing.

You could be angry and confused about what your life is all about. You could have intense resentment and rage about lack of recognition, unjustified criticisms and having to support yourself to such a degree.
You are exasperated, judgmental, frustrated and full of primitive emotions like fear, depression, anger, worry, anxiety, hate, self-disgust, hurt, need for power, greed, jealous possessiveness and critical attitudes. You are full of feelings of being unjustly treated. 

You could be having trouble standing up to what has to be faced and to rebuilding and replenishing the life force.
You could try to hide from yourself, you won’t tell yourself the truth,you run away from your issues, you duck out from under your problems, you won’t face reality and are systematically not noticing what is
going on in your life.

You may lack the psychological strength to engage in strategic planning and practical execution and to pull off the transformation in you life and attitudes that is necessary at this time.

You may feel helpless and hopeless, and you may be convinced that you can’t handle life.

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