Healthy, Effective Communication and Our Body

Can BodyTalk help me?

Stress and Our Health


                               Healthy, Effective Communication and our Body


It's the era of Internet and we can talk in seconds with someone on the other side of the planet, but it's obvious that there's never been a time of deeper isolation than this one.


Real communication, real connections require the ability to speak and communicate clearly and effectively.

They need more though, what they need most of all is understanding with out hearts, and the willingness and the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and the courage to look at things from different angles and perspectives.


In doing so we can overcome our differences, in language, gender, background, and in every aspect of our lives.


To be able to achieve this, we often need to let go of painful memories, expectations and belief systems that filter and bias our view of the world and that can lead to misunderstandings, separation, conflicts and wars.


It is the same in our bodies, we mirror inside us the lack of communication and connection we have in the outside world.


Like the old adage: “As above so Below”.

We are a huge community of trillions of cells, far far more than the population on planet Earth.


In the same way some people have prejudices and resentments toward other countries, an organ can distrust another organ, and may avoid talking to it, not realizing that they both are parts of a body, where communication is required for survival.


For a healthy digestive system for example, the liver needs to exchange information with the pancreas, and to do so effectively it may be necessary to let go of the excessive anger stored, or of the worry we have around organization and planning.


Inside a country itself there are more often than not harsh divisions between North and South, my city and your city; in the same way this can happen inside the parts of out body, and the fragmentation of our being continues.


Remember: each part of our body to function well needs to communicate to every other part, every cell needs to communicate to every other cell of the body.


The more our cells are in harmony and health, the more we will be and this will reflect in our lives and in our world, with a positive chain effect that will add a piece to the harmony and well being of the world, a piece that we might consider small but that could well be the tipping point for a healthier planet Earth.


How can we achieve this?

       1) Love yourself.


May sound like trite advice, but love does have the power to melt anger and sadness, like the sun melts the snow.

Depending on the time and quantity of the snow, it may take some time, in the same way that up in the North a sunny day or two can't melt all the snow on the ground, but a month of sun does the trick.


The good news is that you can practice loving your body.


Try this exercise every day: it was inspired by something I've read on the book Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina, highly recommended.

Every morning and every evening take at least 3 minutes to sit quietly with your eyes closed.

Imagine yourself in your heart center, in your heart chakra, and send love to every part of your body; then imagine that each part of your body is sending love back to you.

According to how much time you have you can do a section of your body and an organ at a time or an inch of your body every minute.

Pretty soon, if not immediately, the imagination will turn into feeling, and you will feel love pouring out of your heart and pouring back into your heart and expanding your being.



2) Get to know yourself and your body

Focus for a day or for a week on an organ, on an endocrine or on a body part, and learn something about it, how it works both from an Western medical perspective and from and Eastern medical perspective.

Focus on it as if it was a person to get to know though, with its likes and dislike, with its personality.


Experience it: Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and imagine becoming smaller, so that you're about the same size of the part you want to experience.

Imagine going into your body, and starting a conversation with the organ.


Greet it, and wait for the answer, or for flack of it.

You may hear it reply to you, you might see words or feel them or have a sense of them.

Whatever you get don't second guess it.

If you don't hear or see or feel anything ask yourself “If I were hearing something from it what would it be?”


Ask yourself: How does it greet you? If Is it friendly? Disgruntled? Does it answer at all?


What personality do you feel it has? Ask its likes and dislikes, what it believes about life, about the other parts of your body.


You're in for surprises and wonder!

Listen with your heart instead that with your head only; go into the heart space before talking to a part of your body, in order to listen and connect more fully.


Become friends with your organs.

If you want to experience it at a deeper level and if you feel it's appropriate at the time you may merge with it, but according to the issues, beliefs and emotion present for you or stored in an organ, this may even be emotionally overwhelming and not advisable. Use your own discernment.


You can get a lot of information and feelings just by talking to it and noticing how you feel. Do you feel defensive? Were you defensive before talking to your stomach or thymus? Are you feeling angry? Fearful? You may be mirroring your own body's issues, your own issues and this may give you lots of clues to the issues.

You may get images of events happened in the past, or stray thoughts that at first glance have nothing to do with the organ. Just notice everything, ask questions based on what you're getting, write everything down after the exercise.


Go deeper if you have time: imagine yourself getting even smaller and talk to different parts of the same organ, or even smaller and befriend individual cells, their organelles, or their atomic and subatomic particles!


               3) Clear the issues you find


Once you have an idea of what the problems are, it's time to clear them.


You can use tools that clear emotional problems and beliefs quickly, like EFT for instance.


Work on what you find, but whichever system you are using, be sure to clear an issue completely before moving on, to avoid possible healing crisis, that in this case are the body's way of dealing with unfinished business.


You don't need to have cleared all your issues with your mother to be finished or you're gonna be clearing for a long time!

However you need to finish clearing the aspect of what you're treating, if it's abandonment for instance the fact that at one time your mother lost sight of you at the mall and how that made you feel and what that stirred in you, what emotions, what beliefs.


You know you're finished with something when you're not just peaceful about the whole issue, but when you're also feeling great and happy.

You are supposed to go past the “yes I don't feel any charge to the problem, I feel calm” to “The issue's gone and I feel great in a way I didn't think it was possible in such a short time!”


Sometimes the input of someone else is important too, so you might want to exchange or book sessions with someone, whatever method or therapy you're using, it can save time and effort.


There's another tool that is great at improving communication in your body, and that is the BodyTalk System.


In BodyTalk there are a series of exhaustive questions we ask the body to find out exactly what it requires to heal.

Questions on what your body's priorities are are remarkably comprehensive and can range from environmental issues to viruses, from chakras to parts of the brain, and from emotions to allergies.


After that there are corresponding techniques to facilitate the healing and restore healthy communication within the body and giving the body the chance to heal, the capability being already present intrinsically


BodyTalk uses the knowledge and insights of acupuncture, Western medicine, Oriental medicine, quantum physics, mathematics and applied kinesiology, making it a truly universal language capable of accurately determine and address the root causes of the conditions that trouble us.

For a quick and effective tool that is used in BodyTalk to improve the communication between the hemispheres of the brain, called cortices and completely free, please click here and scroll to the end of the page:

Have fun!

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                                                          Can BodyTalk help me?


When you come in contact with BodyTalk, this is surely the first question on your mind along with What is BodyTalk?

The answer to the first question is a resounding yes: BodyTalk can help a wide range of conditions, because it's tailored to you.

To give you an idea, some problems in which BodyTalk has had excellent results are:

Arthritis, Back Pain, Sports Injuries, Sports Performance, Exams Performance, Emotional Disorders, Learning Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Phobias, Pain, Stress, Allergies

Your body has an Innate Wisdom that regulates it automatically, for instance, when you cut yourself your body automatically sends platelets to begin the healing.

Sometimes the healing process can be slowed down or impaired because of stress, emotional, behavioural and environmental issues.

With BodyTalk we can ask your body, your Innate Wisdom exactly what it needs to return to a state of balance.
The questions that can be asked, and the corresponding techniques to correct imbalances are truly extensive and comprehensive.

Questions and techniques span from Western medicine to Eastern Medicine, from the organs to the five elements, from which emotions need to be processed and eliminated to techniques for balancing your meridians, from repairs of parts of the brain to techniques to correct posture, behaviours and habits, and much more...

In BodyTalk your body decides what it needs, in what order, and also if it needs any other therapies or modalities to help in its repairing process, without the need to rely on an external diagnosis.

All this makes it really revolutionary and unique.

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                                                                     Stress and Our Health
                                                                           (drawn from John Veltheim's talk in London in May)

Everyone of us has resigned to stress as our “inevitable, unwelcome companion”.
We accept it as the natural by-product of our daily lives in the modern world.

So what if we overreact and go into panic mode when a deadline is near?
So what if we freeze and want to ignore our marriage problems?
Everybody does it don't they? Yes.
This is normal isn't it? No.

We have a part in our brain the size of an almond, called the amygdala, that is responsible for our fight/flight mechanism since prehistoric times, when we had to decide whether to fight or run away from a tiger before us.
At that time the amygdala was working well, and after escaping from the tiger, in the evening we could sit around the campfire and laugh about it, because the amygdala had relaxed and reset itself.
Nowadays we have other stresses, and beside fight/flight we can and often choose a third option, more damaging to our bodies, freeze, and pretend the problems don't exist.

To make matters worse, our amygdalas are so bombarded by stress that have gone on all our lives without a chance to reset themselves so our bodies are wearing out, like a car with both the accelerator and the brakes down at the same time.
The stress is turned inwardly, and it damages us enormously, creating new health issues and worsening the ones we have.

Headaches get stronger and more frequent.

Backaches get more painful and cripple us for days.

Heartburn happens more often.

In BodyTalk we also have a simple 2 minutes technique we teach every client, that practiced regularly, relaxes and resets the amygdala as well as improving the communication between the hemispheres of the brain.
BodyTalk sessions work to improve your health and quality of life, by asking the body what it needs to repair itself, and then re-establishing the lines of communication between the parts of your body, worn down by stress and other factors


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