I am an important organ because I allow for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, which is essential to maintain the ability to generate energy in the cell, so your vitality is dependent on me. I also play an important role in releasing attachments to the past as we release each breath. So when you ‘hold on’ to things in your life, your breathing becomes shallow and you feel suffocated and unable to grow.

Other issues you may experience when I am ill, not in balance or communicating with the other parts of the body are:

You mayhave a real difficulty in taking in prana, chi, ki, love or life energy, as a function of your prideful brutalizing misuse of energy in past lives. You may have an inability to renew to the breath  of life, along with a lack of enthusiasm and zeal for living.
You may have a real inability to take in life, and they don’t feel worthy of living life fully.
You may be suffering from depression and chronic grief, because you are deeply afraid of taking in life energy.
You may be joy-avoidant and happiness-squashing, out of a fear of the Universe, and lacking Cosmic, community and
conjugal contact.
You may feel unworthy of living fully and are alone, sad and non-belonging with no sense of acceptance or approval.
You may be once again in a smothering stifling environment, with a resulting sense that life is dull and monotonous. You may be the product of a withholding and non-accepting family.

You may tend to get into consuming passionate commitments that lead nowhere and repeated devastating unrequited love situations. You may have a sensitive mind and very strong sense of justice,
righteousness and generosity that frequently leads you into blind alleys, exploitive situations and relationships. You may come from a dysfunctional family in which you held a parental role that led to your repeated effort to rescue them from their self-defeating patterns.

You may be full of family taboos, social restrictions, moral inhibitions, unexpressed passions, strong desires and emotions. You may not have any sense of freedom or the right or ability to communicate your feelings.
This was generated by a self-immersed and dysfunctional family who was exploitive, shame-inducing and enmeshed.
RIGHT LUNG: “Exploitation-paranoia.” You may be struggling with guilt over real and/or imagined abuses of energy and resources.
LEFT LUNG: “Don’t need!” You may have shame over having needs for energy and resources.

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