I am the Large Intestine
You may think that my only role is to eliminate waste and roughage as a result of the digestion of food. I do much more than that.
I also eliminate impure thoughts and emotions as a result of our life experience. To do this I am able to generate grief to help you let go and move on.
The desire to be in control of every situation leads to the inability to surrender yesterday’s emotions – which you call constipation.
When I am functioning properly I allow for the ability to release the past and cleanly enter each day with an open mind.

If I am not functioning properly you may experience some of the following issues as well:

You may have intense concerns over whether you can really handle life. There is a felt powerlessness arising fro a learned helplessness in the face of a severely dysfunctional family.

You may be trying to cover all the details, to organize and coordinate everything, to analyze the situation and to meet all the needs in the right way. You may be given to nitpicking perfectionism, detail-domination and an
inability to see the forest for the trees. It is a pattern that got started in a patriarchal and perfectionistic family.

You may be prone to over-criticality and a compulsion to help others that is carried out unwisely. You may have a desire to be needed in order to inflate a damaged ego or to manipulate people. You may be pushing
ideas or things on people in an unwanted rescue-tripping pattern that is the product of your feeling responsible for straightening things out in their severely dysfunctional family.

You may feel used and abused, rushed and overcontrolled, and like you are in servitude. You may feel injured and degraded by some external malignant force. You may have the feeling that what you give is not used,
appreciated or utilized for your intended purposes. You may feel you are being humiliated, and they want to dispose of this feeling now! You may be bursting with unexpressed rage, and you may be super self-suppressing.
You may come from an exploitive, manipulative and supremely selfishly abusive dysfunctional family.

You may be a basically sensitive, bright, timid, dependent, denying and passive person who is reluctant to take life on.

You may be possessive and emotionally unbalanced, with no sense of being loved,wanted or needed. You may come from an enmeshed, ambivalent and acceptance-rejection game-playing family.

You may be self-denying, over-responsible and self-denigrating in a severely self-defeating manner. You may have been used in an abusive and “jailing” family.

You may be avoiding your inner knowing, yourr truth-perceptions and your reality-reading capacities.
You may be putting out an over-rational and/or fearfully reality-avoidant pattern. You may have grown up in a severely dysfunctional and denial-dominated family in which accuracy of understanding lead to great pain and potential disaster.

You may be having problems with intense greed and acquisitiveness to the point of its being an
addictive process. You may feel like you can never have enough. You could be the product of a severely survival-oriented family.

There may be deep-seated fears of the unconscious and of the feminine. You may be extremely controlling of your emotions, and you maintain a compulsive rationality and a “hands-on control” approach to life.
You may come from an intensely patriarchal family.

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