I am considered King of the Organs because I control the circulation and distribution of blood, and therefore all the organs depend on me. I have a close relationship with the
mind, and hence I am considered the center of perception. I provide you with awareness of the world, a sense of the “big picture”, and the ability to feel connected. When I am balanced, this allows you to enjoy acceptance both for yourself and towards others. When there is a sense of separation or disconnection, I give rise to depression.

When I am out of balance it could also be because:

You may be a an “urban hermit” who is into heart-shielding self-protection. You may be engaged in love-avoidance and hurt-deflecting involvement-deflecting. You may have intense insecurity, with no confidence in the Universe or the Divine. You may have no sense of deservingness of love or love-ability, and your experience may be “love is a
poison apple.” You may be unable to receive love, warmth and nurturance. You may have found professed and proffered love was a dangerous and destructive force in your childhood. As a result, you can neither expect nor receive unconditional love, though you may be able to emanate it. You may have been in effect shoved to the sidelines of your family as the “odd one out.”

You may be all over the block emotionally, in a histrionically expressive manner.
You may come from an emotional-commotional dysfunctional family.

You may be squeezing all the joy out of the heart in favor of money, power, position, prestige or the like. You may not expressing and manifesting love with others, now and/or before. You may operate out of “scarcity assumptions” and the belief in constricting limitations. You may judge yourself a failure, and you therefore may work
furiously to accomplish on the job and to dominate others. You may be full of tension, anxiety, resentment and suppressed aggression. Underneath, you may be a frightened child full of regrets, sorrow and remorse for a life wasted and a vast wasteland experience. You may be the product of highly judgmental and demanding parenting that never gave you the message you were “good enough.”

You may be abandonment-paranoid and rejection-expecting. You may be desperately dependent and rescuing in the hope that someone will rescue you. You may have little or no sense of personal worth or deservingness of love, as if you lost out in the “ love sweepstakes” altogether. You may feel you are “unfit for human consumption,” and
that no one could, would or should ever be there with and for you. Yet hope springs eternal, and you constantly put out reams of heart energy and service in the heart of you heart’s dream that some day your prince(ss) will come. It is the result of a loveless, shame-inducing and exploitive dysfunctional family who gave you no support, nurturance,
acceptance or fulfillment.

You may be trapped in an ungiving, rejecting and harmful relationship. To you, it is all you can expect, and you may have a history of such relationships. Your mother and later your family held you responsible and accountable for all of their experiences, particularly the negative ones. You may feel that you have to take on the responsibility for trying to “get the God Housekeeping Seal of Approval” from disapproving intimates.

You may have a bad case of  “heartless” attitude.You may be joyless, and you may have the intense belief in the necessity of stress and strain. You may feel that you have never experienced any approval from others, and you have become embittered and encased as a result. You may have lost your capacity for compassion, and you are unable to manifest agape and universal love or acceptance, and you are unable to process love. You may be feeling-suppressing, cut off from any form of love and hung up in principles. You may  also repressing your reaction to being rejected in childhood. There can be a certain resemblance to “Scrooge” in your workaholic, achieve-aholic intimacy-avoidance,
along with a certain “Type A” drivenness. There is a great deal of extremely suppressed grief and pain that you simply will not get in touch with at all costs. You may be totally self-immersed, input-deflecting, hard-hearted, rejecting, vengeful unforgiving and hateful, as a manifestation of long-standing emotional problems. It arose as a
function of being treated in the same manner as a child, as well as from your  finding “giving it back harder” worked.

You may have long-standing emotional problems that lead to constant upheaval, difficulties and trauma. Your experience may be that you can expect nothing different, and that you deserve no better. Tou may be the product of a severely dysfunctional and blame-throwing family.

(some info adapted from the book Messages from the Body by Narayan Singh)

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