I allow you the flexibility to bend down and move around. I am controlled primarily by your kidney energies. The kidney energies relate to fear and willpower.
When you have issues around your willpower, they will reflect in disturbances in my function.
You use willpower to help overcome fear – the other energy of the kidneys. Those two opposing forces within the kidneys represent the two opposing forces of the Fire and Water balances in the dualistic yang/yin functions of the kidneys.
When, as a child, you wanted to summon your willpower in defiance, you would lock your knees. You use
willpower to help overcome fear—the other energy of the kidneys. In modern society,
the biggest fear is the fear of coping (with money, health, relationships, etc.) When you
live with this kind of fear, I will be weakened.

The cruciate ligament deep inside my center relates to the deepest aspect of willpower – the will to survive.
When I am injured, you are usually deeply questioning aspects of your very life and existence. This does not mean you are suicidal, just that you are deeply questioning your life, its direction, and your will to follow through and do what needs to be done in your life.

When the back of me is injured, it usually related to your allowing your willpower to become over controlled by your nervous system. You become rigid, inflexible and fearful underneath. You stand up for yourself in too reactive a way.

Usually I start aching in the back when you are going through a period of your life when your beliefs are being challenged and you are afraid to let them go.

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