How do Distance Healing and Distance Sessions work?

Short Answer: Quantum Entanglement, we are all connected.

Longer Answer: Quantum Entanglement, we are all connected!

Basically scientific studies ( for the more scientific minded) have demonstrated that once two particles have been entangled, anything done to the first particle is immediately observable in the second particle, regardless of space and faster than the speed of light, which in physics is supposed to be impossible.

This suggests a quantum field, called Zero Point Field where everything is immersed in, including of course us and that allows instant communication of information.

Since every particle that exists in the universe was connected at moment of the Big Bang, every particle of the universe is connected. Let that sink in: every particle in the universe is connected. The separation is an illusion that is there until it is recognized as such. We have all heard or experiences instances of mothers knowing their children were having an accident or were in pain from across town or across the world, but this is just the tip of the iceberg as you may guess, and with intent (and most of us know the power of intent and visualization thanks to the Secret and What the Bleep) and the right techniques (in BodyTalk we use a technique called Mindscape) we can tune in to any person in the world and do distance sessions

A distance session works with these principles: the practitioner focuses on the person treated through their name, date of birth and picture, remembers the link to the person (rather than forming it since we are all connected to begin with), tunes in to the person like an antenna and a radio station to use a metaphor, and the session goes on in the same way and with the same results we get in a in person treatment.

Research projects have studied the effect of distance healing on conditions such as heart disease, AIDS, cancer, bacterial infections, and recovery from surgery. Research indicates that distance healing enhances the healing process in a wide range of situations.

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